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Dale's Blog

The Gospel of Saint Mark, Verses 29, 30 & 31

"Thanks for taking the time to visit
my Blog here at Race Ministries. 
I hope and pray that by sharing
my experiences and thoughts that
my readers are brought closer to
the peacefulness of heart and mind
that is ours by the Grace of God
and the Salvation that is only made
possible through His only begotten
son, Jesus Christ." says Dale Powers.

"I welcome all comments and any
questions either by posting here on
my Blog or by a personal email to me.
I will do my very best to respond as
soon as possible. I also hope to see
you at Race Ministries Events that we
have announced here on the website
for the sharing of my music performed
with my friends in fellowship to Honor
our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ."

    Photograph by Dyanna Lynn White

Featured Song on this page: Lay Your Troubles On My Shoulders from The Journey Within Album 

Dale's comments: "This song was written by my brother, JR Powers, and it is a message of hope and comfort for Christians in knowing that Christ is always there for us no matter what our personal troubles or challenges may be.  I was compelled to record it to be on the The Journey Within Album, but having JR performing the background vocals was a most special delight for me."