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The Gospel of Saint Luke, Chapter 18 Verse 27

Ministry Music

We are delighted to present the Christian Music of Race Ministries in a variety of genres that are performed by a variety of Artists.  The latest releases are offered here as they become available.

The first Christian Musical Evangelism project of Race Ministries is that of singer/songwriter and ministry founder, Dale Powers of Mansfield, Ohio USA.
The title of the Album is "The Journey Within!" featuring the single "I Keep Falling In Love With You" that is also featured in the first Music Video released by Race Ministries on their YouTube Channel.

The Album cover photo seen here was taken by Dale Powers in Vietnam, circa 1970, on a beach of the South China Sea during his service in the U.S. Army.

The 12 original songs on the Album represent what Dale Powers says is "the greatest journey of my life" after accepting Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour in the Spring of 1996.

"The Journey Within!" was Produced by Dale Powers and Kevin Graham in Mansfield, Ohio USA.  Many of Dale's fellow musicians and friends in Northcentral Ohio contributed their vast array of talents to the production of the 12 original songs.  Dale said, "I Thank God that I am greatly Blessed to have had so many talented friends participate in this labor of love to bring Honor and Glory to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Indeed, this project truly proves that with God all things are possible!"

(Left to Right): Pastor Don Wilson, Keith Stamper, Denny Hignite, Frank Boyd Jr., Rob Hirst, Kevin Graham, Dale Powers, Dane Donohue, Pete Morley, Bill Newdome, Wendell Hignite, Bill Cornell, Kathy Castor, Jeff Reeder, Brenda Swank, Timmy T. Tadijanac, Michele Birkby Vance, Dean Kastran and Radford Vance. 
Not Present: Paul Allen, Alan Bradshaw, Dennis Eggerton, Johnnie Howard, Michael D. Logan, Garlan McCruter, Tim Opie, JR Powers, Sam Romagnoli, Henry VanBuren, Pat Wasemann and Kathy Wilson.                               (Photo by Harry Johnson Photography of Mansfield, Ohio USA)

The Album of 12 original songs is available on CD for $11.99 (plus S & H) or MP3 Download for $9.99 at our online Storefront on the CD Baby website! You can also listen to samples of each individual song and get an MP3 Download for only 99 cents each!  To get yours, Click >>> HERE.

Featured Artists and Songwriters

Race Ministries presents featured Artists and Songwriters in the spirit of the Ministry Mission, that is Christian Musical Evangelism to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Inspired Music. 

"Music, of course, is the essence." says Dale Powers, "However, it is the message conveyed through inspired words that we focus upon at Race Ministries. The Artists and Songwriters featured here epitomize this and we are delighted to present their talents for your spiritual inspiration."

Featured Artist: Dane Donohue

Dane Donohue is the Artist featured below with his performances of "The Big Bell", written by his late father S.M. Donohue, and "Let Them Rain", written by Keith Montgomery.  The songs were recorded in Nashville, Tennessee USA and Produced by Dane Donohue and Tom Caperton.

Dane Donohue says, “I feel blessed to participate in the music ministry of my lifelong friend Dale Powers and Race Ministries.  Dale is a most gifted vocalist as well as songwriter and through his music continues to Celebrate the Glory and the Love of Christ. God Bless him and his work!”

Words and Music by Sylvan M. "S.M." Donohue (1916 - 2008) of Mansfield, Ohio USA.

Dale's comments: "S.M. Donohue was a very special man. From 66 years of marriage to his beloved Blandena, to a successful family business with his 3 sons, to building the church that he attended, he was a force in my hometown of Mansfield.  I believe that God inspired him to write the very powerful message of "The Big Bell" to give us perspective on what really matters the most and that is the eternal life offered to us by the Salvation of Christ's love and Redemption through His sacrifice. I am delighted that his son, Dane, produced this beautiful record as a tribute to his father's songwriting."

Words and Music by Keith Montgomery of Cleveland, Tennessee USA.

Dale's comments: "Keith Montgomery is a prolific Christian singer and songwriter. The son of a minister, he is also the husband of my sister Becky and we are blessed to have him in the family. This song comes from his work on "Surrender", the group's self-titled Album that perhaps is the single word that best describes the attitude required for one's conversion to Christianity.  "Let Them Rain" is such a deeply moving song to me because I feel that it captures the great joy of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Dane's vocals were truly inspired on this outstanding recording."

Special Thanks to the Music Publishers: Falon Music (ASCAP) and Chrystal Sound Publishing (BMI).

Thank You very much from all of us for your support of Race Ministries and our Mission of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the Music that comes through His inspiration.  All Honor and Glory to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!  Please stop back again soon for the latest music releases.