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Dale Powers Bio

Dale Powers was born on June 22, 1948 in Mansfield, Ohio USA to Helen (October 5, 1920 - November 7, 2012) and Howard Powers (1921-1973).  He has two sisters and three brothers, with younger brother JR also being a Christian singer/songwriter.  JR contributed his song "Lay Your Troubles On My Shoulders" to Dale's latest release, the "The Journey Within!" Album, as well as providing background vocals. 

    Howard Powers and his son, Dale, circa 1963.     Dale was serious about music as a youngster.

Reflecting upon this family album photo, Dale says, "Even back then, clearly, God had a plan.  It is evident that I was a musician before I was even born!  It doesn't happen according to what we pursue because He has a master plan.  Now it is up to me to seek His will for my life and this ministry." 

Guitarists: Howard Powers, bandmate Bud Bird,
Curtis Witt (uncle) and walking into the scene from the right is Dale's great-grandfather.
Photograph circa early 1940s at a family gathering in Ohio USA.

It was Dale's older brother, Dick, that expanded his musical horizons with the awareness of 50's music. The influence of the Artists of that era had an immediate impact upon Dale's musical style.  The spiritual quality of the soulful gospel music of Ray Charles would later on in his life become the inspirational progenisus for his Christian Musical Evangelism that is now Race Ministries.

Dale graduated from Mansfield Senior High School in 1966.  He played lead guitar and sang in the renowned garage band Sir Timothy and The Royals.  In 1967 Super K Productions from New York City hired the lads as a touring band and changed their named to The Ohio Express.  From 1967 to 1969, the group toured the United States and Canada while promoting the international hit single "Yummy, Yummy, Yummy" that was written and sung by their studio co-Producer of three Albums, renowned jingle/songwriter Joey Levine. It reached #4 on the Billboard Magazine Hot 100 in 1968, #5 in the UK and #1 in Canada.  With his bandmates, Dale performed over 350 live shows in 40 States and many cities in Canada as well as opening for industry legends such as Neil Diamond, The Who three times and for The Beach Boys at Public Hall in Cleveland.  The Ohio Express appeared on the world famous U.S. TV program "Dick Clark's American Bandstand" amoung many other media appearances from coast to coast.  Subsequently, Dale performed the lead vocals on the hit single "Try It" that peaked at #83 in Billboard Magazine.

   Sir Timothy and The Royals, circa 1966, (l to r)
         Doug Grassel, Dean Kastran, Tim Corwin,
  Dale Powers and Jim Pfahler in Lexington, Ohio.
              (Photograph by Floyd Corwin)
  The Ohio Express, circa 1968, with (left to right)
      Tim Corwin, Dean Kastran, Dale Powers,
             Buddy Bengert and Doug Grassel            
          (Photograph by Super K Productions)

From 1970 to 1971 Dale served in the U.S. Army including 12 months of combat duty in Vietnam.

Dale on his U.S. Army Base in Vietnam, circa 1970.     Dale with Vietnamese citizens later that year.

Upon returning home, Dale pursued a career in industrial sales and now has over 35 years with the same company in his hometown of Mansfield, Ohio USA.  He says, "My customers are my friends."

Music has continued to be a very important part of Dale's life and he has performed with several bands over the years.  He performed in The Race Band for 25 years with his brother Roger on drums. His lifelong friend, Dane Donohue, joined the group in 1980 and they continued to play throughout the Midwest until Dale's conversion in 1996.  Dane contributed his arrangement and vocal talents for the background vocals on the radio single "I Keep Falling In Love With You".

       Dale Powers accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour in the Spring of 1996 and began what he calls "the greatest journey of my life".  Shortly thereafter he founded Race Ministries for the purpose of Christian Musical Evangelism.  Through the 12 original songs on his appropriately titled Album, "The Journey Within!", Dale shares the experiences of his born again life with Christ.

Dale began his ministry by testifying about his conversion before his fellow parishoners.  Soon he was taking his enthusiastic message to those less fortunate, especially those incarcerated in local jails and prisons.

"I have had an amazing and blessed life.  From the love of family, experiencing world fame in my youth because of music, to surviving Vietnam, to having a wonderful marriage and a rewarding career with a great company." says Dale. "But it was when I found Christ that my heart was truly fulfilled and I am compelled to share that love and hope of the Gospel with others.  My personal Mission is to touch their hearts and souls with the power of music that is inspired by God."
       Dale Powers performing in Church, circa 2008.
             (Photo by Harry Johnson Photography)

Music continues to resonate in Dale's life and became the foundation of his calling when he founded Race Ministries.  His work includes collaboration on a variety of musical projects in many genres with Artists of like mind and heart for the Glory and Honor of the Lord Jesus Christ.  

Dale, his wife, Patti and their many beloved pets lived in his hometown of Mansfield, Ohio.  She passed away on March 2, 2016. Dale resides with them there today.

Dale says,"Patti has always been very supportive of my passions in life and they are music and, especially now, musical evangelism with Race Ministries. 

Her understanding inspires me because of the time I am away either recording in the studio, playing live music with my bandmates or writing songs alone with God or in fellowship with my collaborators. And she's always there for me.

It takes a special person to deal with such a calling.  She is not only the love of my life, but my best friend!  Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for her being my wife."
Patti and Dale Powers at The Bookery
CD Release Concert - June 14, 2013  (Photograph by Dyanna Lynn White)

Featured Song: "I Keep Falling In Love With You" from the Album "The Journey Within!"

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