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The Gospel of Saint Matthew, Chapter 18 Verses 19 & 20

The "Standing At The Crossroads Of My Life" album is available on CD and Digital Download from the CD Baby web site!  The CD is $12.97 (plus Shipping) and the Digital Download of the album is only $9.99!  Listen to 30 second samples of the 13 original songs and purchase individual Digital Downloads for only 99 cents each!

Here's the URL and Link >>> http://CDBaby.com/CD/FrankBoydJr

The "Standing At The Crossroads Of My Life" CD is on sale now at The Bookery Parable Christian Store at 2300 West Fourth Street in Mansfield, Ohio USA!

Frank Boyd Jr. is most delighted to release his debut Gospel Blues album on the Race Ministries record label of his beloved friend, Co-Producer and Co-Songwriter, that is fellow Christian Musical Evangelist Dale Powers.

Standing At The Crossroads Of My Life was Co-Produced by Frank Boyd Jr., Kevin Graham and Dale Powers.  The album of 13 original Gospel Blues songs of worship was recorded at Hoodat Studio in Mansfield, Ohio USA.

Dale Powers says, "I am privileged and honored to work with Frank, his ministry and especially to release his CD on the Race Ministries record label.  That he chose the song that I wrote the lyrics for as the title track for his debut Gospel Blues album really means a lot to me.  I believe that Frank's style will catch on because it's new and it's fresh."

Frank Boyd Jr. expresses his gratitude for his CD Release Concert at The Bookery Parable Christian Store in Mansfield, Ohio USA on June 14, 2013 as part of their "Friday Night Live" Concert program:

Frank says, "A special thank you to Dale Powers and Race Ministries and the wonderful staff at The Bookery Parable Christian Store, especially manager Tammie Owens and concert organizer Doris Morr.  Also, my heartfelt thanks to my fantastic bandmates and a special shout out to the co-producer of my album with Dale, Kevin Graham, and my beloved wife Leslie for contributing lyrics for several songs on the album!

 Kirk Stamper, Dale Powers, Frank Boyd Jr., Rich Carmichael, Don Bennett and Allen Osborne
                                             (Photograph courtesy of Dyanna Lynn White)

Frank Boyd Jr. was born on February 10, 1954 in Brownsville, Tennessee to his late parents Bessie and Frank Boyd Sr. as the elder sibling to his sister and brother.  He knew the love of Jesus and music in church through his family and was born again in his early youth.

Frank recalls, "At the age of five, my Dad gave me my first guitar and I wanted to be a blues player just like him.  When I was 15, I started playing in my first band.  I never thought that I could sing, but somebody had to do it!"

Early musical influences were B.B. King, Albert King, Albert Collins as well as Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, the soulful sounds of Motown and James Brown.  He pursued a musical career as a professional playing the blues with various bands throughout the Midwest for over twenty years.

"When I think back on my secular career, it was all about me.  Now it's all about God and reaching people with his Word.  Especially for the lost souls and sharing the good news about the Kingdom of Heaven.  That is my joy today."

It was in 2001 when Frank and his beloved wife, Leslie, were at a Christmas party in Columbus, Ohio that his life and music career were dramatically transformed.  "We were watching people dancing to Silent Night by The Temptations and something changed.  On our way home, we realized that soulful music needed to be part of the church worship experience.  Shortly after that I was watching a story about a rock star on TV whose life was a disaster.  I said to myself, 'What's wrong with this fool?' and realized that at the age of 47 that I was at a crossroads in my own life.  It reminded me of the Scripture about gaining the whole world and losing your soul.  I knew what I had needed to do before, but I kept running from it.  I could choose life or choose death.  It was then that I re-dedicated my life and music to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ."

Through fellow musician and bandmate Jeff Reeder, Dale Powers was invited to Frank's church where he was part of the music worship team.  Dale recalls, "Things just clicked.  I had already been there with my music and sensed Frank's yearning to play music for the Lord.  I knew that God was going to use us."

Frank says, "It's simple.  It's a God thing.  God knew what He wanted us to do.  That is to make it all about Him.  God used Dale and me to assemble a team to share the Gospel using our music as a vehicle."

                                         Dale Powers and Frank Boyd Jr. in Shelby, Ohio on July 28, 2012

Frank and Leslie: A Husband and Wife Songwriting Team

Frank says, "When Dale approached me with the idea of doing an original Gospel Blues album, I asked Leslie for her help.  We had previously worked together on songs for the Richland Blues album that I had recorded back in the day. She had Gospel Blues songs in her mind and presented the lyrics to me and that inspired me to create my own music to go with her beautiful words.  The message that comes through to me in her lyrics is for us to make a difference.  We were also inspired to write the lyrics together for the song that we titled Make A Difference and I am very happy to have recorded it to be on this album along with three other songs with the lyrics contributed by my wife.  Leslie has made the greatest difference in my life and I thank God for her every day!"

Leslie and Frank Boyd Jr. reside in Mansfield, Ohio USA.
Frank and Leslie on April 27, 2013 in Shelby, Ohio

For Bookings of the Frank Boyd Jr. Gospel Blues Ministry please send email to: FrankBoydJr@RaceMinistries.org

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The Featured Music is the Title Track from the Album "Standing At The Crossroads Of My Life" by Frank Boyd Jr.

                                              (Photographs in Shelby, Ohio USA courtesy of Dyanna Lynn White)